Preparing your home - Do you know which repairs are necessary? What upgrades will help your sale the most? We can guide you through all the preparation to get your home ready for the market place.

Setting the price - You want to get the best price possible for your home but overpricing your home can be disastrous. Our knowledge of the current market conditions and the local area make all the difference. We help you set the price you can actually get, not a price that will make your home show up later as an old listing with a reduced price.

Marketing your home - Today’s selling environment demands advertising in multiple channels. We can market your home online, in print, using signage, open houses and more. We go the extra mile for you to get your home sold quickly.


Negotiating - Now that you’ve got some people interested, you want to get as much of your asking price as possible. We are professionals with experience in this. It is always better to have a professional working for you that don't have the emotional attachment to your home as you would. For example, low-ball opening bids from a buyer are just a strategy, not an insult to your family home.

Closing the sale - Everyone always has questions when it comes to the closing. Relax. We make sure that you know exactly what to expect and ensure that you have a smooth closing.


Selling and Buying? Are you selling your current home and moving into a new home? We can help you manage both transactions so you don’t get caught in the middle.

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